Saturday, July 23, 2011

Shut up and Listen! The Farmer's Market Rules

Today, My mom and I went to the farmer's market in Coppell, TX. The place is not a large location but, there are tons of fresh, home grown vegetables, herbs, and fruits to choose from. Here is a link:

One of the places that caught my eye was a stand selling grass fed meat. The sellers had several kinds of meats to choose. from. If you have never had grass fed meat, you are missing out. Meat typically massed produce is fed alfalfa or corn. Animals who are allowed to freely roam land would not eat these kinds of foods. Grass, on the other hand, is a natural food the animals will eat. The quality of meat is much better and surprisingly not so much more in price that it is cost prohibited to buy.  If you are carnivore, eat it NOW.

Also, I found a stand with a women selling basil. The plants are hydroponically grown. Pretty cool... You can take the plant home and put in a jar to have fresh basil all week. Of course, I bought some! The aroma from the basil filled the car on the entire drive home. I plan to use this tonight to make bruschetta bread. My favorite!

I really think the farmer's market is the best place to buy produce if you do not have garden. For one, additives are not added to the food.  As a biologist, I can tell you genetically modified foods are not bad for you as people seem to think. You will not die if you have diet of only this kind of produce. Promise. Personally, I can tell a difference or think I can. lol in the taste.  For example, ethylene is removed from tomatoes to help fruit to not ripen as quickly. It is way for stores to maintain a longer shelf life for the fruit. Naturally grown tomatoes will not last for weeks at home. I would hands down prefer home grown vegetables and fruits any day.

Anyways, as I said before, if you have not been to a farmer's market, you should be slapped because you must not appreciate quality food. Now, stop whatever you are doing, head to the farmer's market, and get that delicious produce!

Some of the fresh fruit and veggies I bought. Those little white things are eggplant. So cute! 


  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Enjoyed the blog! And, to quote you "The quality of meat is much better and surprisingly not so much more in price that it is cost prohibited to buy." is RIGHT on the money!

    Keep on blogging :-)

  2. Thanks for commenting and reading. :) I just started my blog this past week.

  3. OMG Sorry, Mike. I did not know it was you until after talking to Brian and Tiffany. lol

  4. It's okay "Sage", we set her straight (haha).
    Jen, fabulous. Now I'm craving fresh basil, mozzarella, and sliced tomatoes. Don't forget the balsamic vinegar, Caprese Salad anyone?
    GREAT post!