Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Encounter with Andrew Zimmern from Bizarre Foods

Yesterday was a huge day for my blog. In the afternoon, I noticed a lot of people were looking at it. I did not realize to later that night Andrew Zimmern placed a messaged I asked him to retweet on his twitter page. I think this is really awesome.!/andrewzimmern It is still showing up for now!

If you are not familiar with his show,  Bizarre foods, you should watch it on the Travel Channel. He visits different countries throughout the world and eats a "bizarre" food most Americans would not consume. I watch it because I love to see how food is cultural important to different places in the world. Though, I must admit, you need a strong stomach at times when seeing him eat some of the foods he tries. Check out his site for more information.

Thanks again, Andrew Zimmern. I am really excited about all the attention my blog is getting due to you posting my tweet.

I hope everyone will continue to follow my blog. I plan to add a new recipe today.
Wildjenno is me on twitter. This is a copy of his twitter page to show my tweet. :)


  1. this is awesomesauce! Consider him followed on twitter, I love that he helped you out =)

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