Monday, July 25, 2011

My Benny and Our Love For Apples

Food always has been my love and passion. I love to cook for other people and share my recipes . In my opinion, food is just a cultural accepted symbol for socializing and making people feel better. People are always happiest with a full belly. :)

Benny, my puppy, and I bonded over eating apples together. Sharing apples is turned into our special time. As soon as he hears the crunch of an apple, he is sitting at my feet or beside me waiting for his share. Food really has been the one way to connect to my puppy. I love this little guy.

Any time, I am cooking in the kitchen, he patiently waits on the floor. He hopes for a piece of food will drop that he can eat. This sneaky guy always seems to convince me to share what I am making with him.

This my story of food and my puppy. Some of my loves in the world. :)

Benny is my dog
Apple lover to the core
We share together

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  1. I'll bring Benny an apple the next time I visit =)