Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mini Breakfast Sliders

I love making quick egg sandwiches in the morning for breakfast. They are fast to make and healthy. I made mini slider egg sandwiches one morning because I wanted to make something easy and different. These little sandwiches are great to eat on-the-go or even at night when you want a breakfast treat. This recipe serves one person. Though, you can easily increase it to serve multiple people.

Mini breakfast sliders. Yum!


  • two spinach leaves
  • mayonnaise or miracle whip
  • one egg
  • two slider rolls
  • salt and pepper to taste


Toast slider rolls in a oven on 375 degrees till the bread is slightly brown. Do not let the bread toast too long  in the oven because the bread can easily burn. I recommend only toasting the bread for a minute.

Next, cook one egg. I prefer to cook eggs quickly in a microwave for sandwiches to save time. First, spray a cereal-size bowl with cooking spray. Crack open one egg and whisk it in the same bowl. Cook the egg for a minute and a half in  the microwave. Check on the egg and be sure the egg is fully cooked and not runny. If the egg is still runny, cook the egg for another half a minute.

Finally, prepare your sandwiches. First, add as much mayonnaise or miracle whip to the slider rolls. Then, add one spinach leave to each roll. Remove the egg from the bowl and cut into four pieces. Place two pieces onto each slider. Finally, season with salt and pepper to taste.

Enjoy your meal with a hot cup of coffee or juice. 

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  1. Also, I recommend to add cheese for extra flavor. I did not in this recipe because I was trying to keep it as low calorie as possible. :)