Thursday, December 1, 2011

Veganism. A New Year's Resolution.

For about most of my life, I was a vegan/vegetarian. I never really cared for the taste of meat when I was kid. because of the gristle, the texture, and how it would get stuck in my teeth. My parents pretty much had to force me to eat meat as a kid. They were very unsuccessful. 

As I got older, I was always concerned about my diet and eating meat was option I felt was unnecessary. I learned how to maintain a diet and get the essential proteins and vitamins without eating animal products. Mostly, the slaughtering process and the treatment of animals in the food industry was my main reasons to make the change. I was first a vegetarian but, vegetarianism still did not fully support my beliefs. Chickens are treated the worse among all animals in the food industry because these animals have no rights and, I did not feel right eating eggs Also, cows are treated badly for their milk. Even though there are products that say "free range", I am still uncertain how well the animals are treated. The FDA only defines "free range" for animals that have access to the outside so it provides me uncertainty. So, I eventually became a vegan. I would have to say veganism is not an easy life to lead. My family is full of meat eaters who do not plan to change for me. Also, most restaurants do not support this lifestyle choice. I will say I did it and, I did not cheat for many years. I do not think the act of not eating meat, poultry, fish and dairy wasn't difficult. After a while, I felt so much better removing these foods from my diet. 

The last few years, I have not maintained this type of diet. I stopped for a bit while living in Denver because it became difficult while working in a office with a group who always wanted potlucks like every week, and I just love new foods. Then, when I moved back home to Texas, I wanted to be vegan again. My mom was very willing to take on the vegan lifestyle. At home, she really did support me and ate the right foods. So, for about 6 months, I was vegan again. Then, after meeting my husband (who I love dearly), I went to the dark side. lol. He pretty much lives to eat meat and loves a good steak. I started eating foods I had not eaten in years. I even have tried meat that I would not even dare to try years ago, such as, rabbit, kangaroo, elk, venison, duck, and goat. He never forced me to change. I just did because I enjoyed just trying new foods and wanted to let loose for a bit regarding my previous diet.  

Now, I am in dilemma because I want to start not eating meat again. I do not want to take in toxins or processed foods. I want to eat a more clean, raw food diet. I pretty much alone in this decision because nobody I know is vegan or a vegetarian. You really need support to make a decision like this. Your family has to change for you because you cannot just eat whatever anymore. Additionally, it cost more financially. You tend to have to go to the store more because you have to cook more. Fast food or restaurants are no longer options except for just eating salads.

I want to start making/eating more vegan food again and, at the beginning of the year try to not eat meat or dairy anymore. Though, I do not want to eat soy products either. I hate the Monsanto company and do not want to ingest anything made by them. I will rely only on grains, rice, beans, fruits, and vegetables for all my nutrition. This is going to be a huge change for me but, I really great change for my diet. I know I will feel better and have more energy. My health I feel is the worse it has ever been in the last couple of years. Only I can change myself for the better. I think it is for the best to make changes that are necessary for my health. I know I will live healthier this way. AND you do not have to eat meat to be healthy. I have read and read about this. I really do not want to get beef over this decision. LOL. I love puns.

I plan to blog my experience and recipes. I hope to get feedback from people and possible words of wisdom from other vegans/vegetarians to learn new things along my journey.

Thanks for reading!!

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