Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Morning with Egg Scramble

I woke up extremely early. My cats are screaming and wanting inside to annoy me for food at sunrise. Those bastards. But, what's new. I was trying to keep them quiet to let my husband sleep some more because he went to bed at 4 and had to be up and ready to leave at 7:30. So, I tried to back to sleep on the couch. The cats are pawing at me for about an hour and, I am trying to ignoring them. Of course, I never got back to sleep. Tired...  

Then, my husband's alarm goes off and, he is up getting ready. I am helping him get some breakfast. I feed the cats and the dog. 

YAY! Time for some peace… I have the house to myself. I just wanted some quiet. 

Well, I begin by making coffee. Then, I decide I want to make some eggs with onions, tomatoes, and some sausage. I am starving. I begin prepping the ingredients for my breakfast. I enjoy cooking so I am in a happy spot. As I am cooking, I begin thinking about major events that are going to happen soon in my life. Two major events are that I am starting student teaching and, I am graduating in December. I am really excited about graduation for sure. But,  student teaching… I am scared about it. Student teaching is either when you learn you love teaching or when you learn you hate it. I hope I enjoy it. The teacher I am working with is really nice and, the school is really nice too. Those are some positives. Still I am stressed. 

Anyways, I finish making my egg scramble. I am ready to sit down to enjoy it. I am envisioning quietness while I am cruising the web,  reading  the news, playing on facebook, and whatever else. I just want some me time. 

I set my breakfast on the arm of the couch. My dog jumps up on the couch too to sit with me. But, he knocks over my plate and, my breakfast is all over the carpet. He runs over and starts to eat all of it! WTF! I am pissed. My dark side appears and, I am screaming for him to get away. I am furious with the situation. The cats are crying to go outside because they know I am crazy when I am mad. I swear! My breakfast is on the carpet and, my dog has just enjoyed a second meal. I have not even had one. I still do have coffee. At least! Sigh... Still hungry. Grr.. 

Anyway, I took a picture of my first made breakfast. I did eat a bite and, it was pretty tasty. I guess.. I will try again. At this point, I think heading to a breakfast place is the best choice.  I am starving and yet again my journey for my breakfast is still a journey... 

What could have been a delicious breakfast. :(

The egg scramble was easy to make. Slice up some onion, tomato, and a little sausage or whatever meat you want. Bacon would have been better. Put a little olive oil in a pan. Put the meat in the pan to brown a bit once the pan is hot. Add the veggies. Let the veggies cook a few minutes. Then, beat up two eggs and add those to the pan. Allow the eggs to cook and scramble everything together. Add salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy! 

Everyone, I hope you enjoy your morning and, it is better than mine. 

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  1. Oh my.. looks delicious, but can't blame the pup for helping you clean up, lol.. hehehe. We'll have to plan a breakfast run. There's a new place where wecks was, Egg something.., just can't remember the name. As for kitties, i'm sure they were scratching at the door.. hahaha, enjoyed the story :)